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Limbaugh: “Why would I want socialism to succeed?”

Fantastic video clip for you folks:

Conservatives… don’t forget who you are, and don’t stop fighting for what you believe in.


Is nothing sacred? (Dancing With the Star…Wars?)

Just watch.  The power of the Dark DORK Side compels you…

I lawled.  Then I cried.  Then I blacked out.


Class Links – Monday, 6/2/08

I will be attempting to keep track of sites of interest that I stumble upon during lectures and activities over the next three weeks in our ASSIST class.

YouTube – National Geographic Channel — Contains over 500 clips on various subjects, searchable by keyword.

Places/institutions mentioned in the biodiversity video we watched:

The gypsy moth control experiments (interrelationships!):

The Concept of the Ecosystem — Five things every ecosystem must have?

Wikipedia information on the short ecosystem activity we did:


Download video from YouTube, Google Video, etc…. for free.

Howdy folks out there in the REAL world!

During my week-long flu hiatus (currently being followed by my weekend-long nursing-of-the-rest-of-the-family-back-to-health,) I watched a loooooot of internet video.

Since YouTube is blocked by my school’s content filter, my students don’t get a chance to see the occasional worthwhile video that I find there (yes, there ARE a few… the video projects of Johnny Lee, for example (click).) I wished there was some way that I could SAVE certain videos to my laptop, so I could show my kids firsthand.

There is. Just go HERE (click).

Click the Download button to install the program. It will ask you if you also want to install their FLV Player… I would suggest you answer YES. (FLV = Flash Video, the format you find on most click and watch websites.)

There’s a tutorial that tells you all about how to use the program HERE (click), but let me save you some time:

1. Find a video on YouTube that you want to download. Click the address bar in your internet browser, then right click it and pick “copy” or just press Ctrl-C.

2. Open the program by clicking the “Moyea FLV Downloader” button that gets put on your desktop and/or in your Start Menu.

3. Click the “Show Browser” button at the bottom left.

4. When the new window pops up, right click in the empty bar on top and pick “paste” or just hit Ctrl-V. Hit enter.

5. The new window will start loading up the site, and a checklist will appear on the bottom, listing the downloadable videos on that page. You can then pick the ones you want, and start them to downloading. The main window will show you the progress of the videos you are downloading (you can do several at once.)

That’s it! Easy as pi.

Enjoy your weekend, and say hi to Mrs. Bowers for me.

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