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I’m a rockstar, and the rest of my day

Why is it that some dreams really stand out while so may others fade away?

This morning, shortly after awakening I suddenly recalled, with crystal clarity, a dream from last night.  Get your Freud on for me, folks…

In my dream, I remember deciding that I would try playing the guitar.  So somehow I found myself learning some chords, becoming a rock prodigy, and signing up for a slot at some kind of concert festival thing to single-handedly belt out my own version of “Face Down” by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. And I sounded pretty darn good, too.

Anyway, the night came for my performance.  As I geared up to play to a crowd from the top of my tower stage, I realized with horror that I couldn’t really play the guitar, and what I had taken to be a real guitar was just a collapsible plastic toy guitar with fishing-line strings.

After a few minutes of furiously trying to get my rock on, I resolved to never try to do something like this again… and I had the overwhelming sense that this was at least the second time I had tried going rock ‘n’ roll and failed horribly.

Still a pretty cool dream, though.

Anyway, the actual high point of my day involved finding out that I have lost eight more pounds over the last three weeks (and was actually dubbed “the biggest loser” by the school nurse that weighed us all in!!)  That was followed by a free lunch of tasty cold-cut and veggie sandwiches, and FOUR HOURS to work in my classroom before they let us go home.  Woo hoo!

Oh, I got to kidnap my wife from the new kid for an hour and whisk her off (in the chilly rain) to an ice-cream mini-date at Braums. (Thanks, dear sister-in-law.)

“I need to laugh, and when the sun is out, I’ve got something I can laugh about.”

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I’ll be darned…

Turns out that simply standing up may be an important factor in weight loss.

Read this article for some more details.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to get off my fat arse now…

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