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Juannah, bless your heart.

Thanks for adding my name to the data you turned in for the t-test, and effectively saving my bacon.

At the moment, I’m trying to return the favor by putting all our crapole together for our “scientific paper.”  I’ll email you copies of what all I do with it (and post it here) before I submit it to Dr. T..

Hope the Owls are having a kickin’ day.

— JC


Want to get fired, teachers? Try MySpace!

My Spider-sense tells me... Im about to get fired!

"My Spider-Sense tells me... I'm about to get CANNED!!!"

From the “Inevitability of Stupidity” department, we have the story of one Jeffrey Spanierman, FORMER English teacher, Ansonia, Connecticut.  Mr. Spanierman, AKA “Mr. Spiderman,” maintained a MySpace page where he indulged in casual conversation with current students, and posted bad poetry about the war in Iraq.

And naked pictures of men.

Upon receiving complaints from students, the district pressured Spanierman to take down his MySpace profile.  Which he did… and shortly thereafter RE-posted it under the user name Apollo68.

The district did NOT opt to renew Mr. Spanierman’s contract, and now he’s suing for wrongful termination (or somesuch B.S. …)  Here’s a link to the court papers (click).

Commentary: Folks, teachers have to walk a narrow line when it comes to relationships with students.  It is impossible to be an effective educator if a student doesn’t feel like you care about them as a person.  It is also very easy to let a relationship devolve into casual banter, or (real or imagined) inappropriately intimate behavior.

As teachers, we can NEVER let our guard down and forget that first and foremost we are to act as professional, authoritative, ADULT, representatives of our schools, communities, churches, and families.  To stray too far from that model is to invite disaster.  When you try to be “buddy-buddy” with a student, you lose an essential element of respect.

Don’t give any appearance of possible impropriety.  Your reputation is one irreparable thing that you will carry with you far beyond any teaching assignment.  Once it is soiled, there’s no going back.  The public trusts us too much to risk second chances, and rightly so.

Also, avoid MySpace like the Ebola virus.

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It’s not just your imagination, teachers: your students want to kill you…

dun, dun da-dunnn...

You never can tell when a budding psychopath is going to try to take you out.

This is why I keep my $%!#$ door locked when I’m not in my room. That, and somebody stole my GameBoy last year… Still trying to get over that one.


Stupid, stupid, MySpace Ohio teachers…

THIS is why I don’t talk to students on MySpace.

Well THAT, aaaaand it’s a swirling vortex of social dysfunction. Aaaaand it’s DUMB.

Yeah. OHIO!!

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