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How Obama Got Elected?

donkey-dunceThis amazes me.  Former talk-show host and current documantery filmmaker John Ziegler commissioned Zogby polling to quiz 512 Obama voters on a variety of issues related to the campaign… AFTER they had voted.

Ziegler concludes that the picture painted by the numbers shows that most Obama supporters were HIGHLY informed about information which cast the Republican candidates (and party) in a poor light… but were largely UNINFORMED of issues which could have negatively impacted the victorious Democrats.

Go fig, right?

There is a summary of the poll results HERE, with links to the raw data in a pdf file (which I HIGHLY recommend reading, for even more laughs and troubling trends.)

Video of 12 survey participants can be found HERE, at Ziegler’s  While there, you can sign up for news on his upcoming documentary “Media Malpractice… How Obama Got Elected

On an interesting side note, Zogby has refused to do a similar survey of McCain voters, which would also have been funded by Ziegler.  Hmmm…


Obama/Bush meeting semi-productive…

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ACORN wants YOU!


  1. One who comes to a place or organization with which they have no previous connection with the sole or primary aim of personal gain, especially political or financial gain; one who carpetbags

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“Register to vote early, register to vote often!”

(No clue as to what I’m ranting about?  CLICK HERE, and catch up on the fun!! :mrgreen: )

Also READ THIS if you need a good chuckle today.


Trust Fall

I have decided that life is entirely too short to waste any more of it worrying about who might win the presidential election, or what the economy is going to do.

Simply put, God is my financial advisor, my employer, and the guy in charge of my country, world, and universe.  He’s never failed to take care of me or my family.  He got me into the job where he wants me to be, and has (more than once) prevented me from getting a job which I would have likely ended up resenting.  He founded and has used this country to spread his compassion, justice, and freedom, and has stuck with it through much tougher economic times, and much stupider presidents and candidates.

And frankly, the worst case scenario is that I lose my job, my house, my rights, and my life.  Big whoop compared to eternity, and the rewards that wait for me there.

The biggest potential enemy to my peace of mind is ME.  So screw that.  I will NOT drive myself crazy worrying about things I can’t change.

God will still be God.  Money or no money.  Gas or no gas.  McCain or Obama.  USA or no USA.

I don’t know how athiests cope, to be honest with you.

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