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Thank goodness THAT’S over…

Final thoughts before I go to bed and try to sleep.

1.  He may have won the election, but like his predecessor, he’ll be hard-pressed to win the hearts and minds of the other side.  It’s time for put up or shut up.

2.  Can we survive the next four years, fellow conservatives?  Only if we take this opportunity to REALLY root out the stinking causes of the farce that our side has become.  The Republican party has all too often over the last couple of decades morphed into the worst embodiment of political stereotypes.  This isn’t Ronald Reagan’s party… and the idiots who have hijacked his ideals, only to crash them into tall, Washington buildings MUST be evicted.  The GOP needs an enema, and hopefully this election (and the coming… OBAMA administration… gee, THAT hurts to type,) will be the last bitter pill that conservative America has to swallow before we finally DO something DIFFERENT.

Can we do it?  Can we survive, in the face of what we’re being told about the “coming Democrat tsunami?”  I believe so.  And the sooner we stop despairing and start cleaning our OWN house, the better.

We have the opportunity to thrive.  YES WE CAN.


When God shuts a door…

You know, I was discussing my recent not-getting-hired by a certain school with my wife this evening.  She brought up the point that “if we hadn’t heard about the job opening, we wouldn’t have felt let down when you didn’t get it–so what good did it do you to apply?”

I thought about this, and told her that it was the most concrete sign from God that I have been given so far that my discontentment with my job last year was NOT an immediate sign that I need to leave.  “He’s not done with me at L****** just yet,” I said.

So, be it for one more year, or the rest of my life, I’m back at LHS.  The difference will be up to me to make: do I take up the challenge that God has laid at my feet, and excel for his sake?

Time will tell.


Emo or Robo? YOU Decide ’08…

The worst part about the future is that it usually fails to deliver on its promises.

Flying cars? No.

Five-hour work week? Not for me. (Or you, probably.)

*Alien invasion? Still watching the sky… although John Edwards comes pretty close to what I’d expect to see.

Once in a while though, the future really pays off. Big and awesome-sauce:

Yep, strength-enhancing, robotic exoskeletons are here. Here’s the story (click it or ticket.)

And HERE’S a link to some streaming video of the suit in action.

While not quite to the coolness-level of this…

THE MOVIE (1986)

… or this…

Helen Ripley, from ALIENS (1986)

… it IS nice to know that we’re on our way to the future of 1986 that both Daniel and Ripley know and love.

Can you imagine? Taking out the garbage would be FUN again. (Lift the dumpster over your head, walk to the city dump, shooting lasers at hapless passers-by, and BANG, no more sanitation collection fees. And more lasers, or possibly a cheeseburger, on your way home.)


In sadder news (no sick humor intended, honest,) a report on EMO culture came out in today’s UK paper Daily Mail. It tells the story of a 13-year old named Hannah who took her own life a few months after wrapping herself in Emo. Here’s the link (click).

gone too soon.

It’s a sad story, and an eye-opening look for those of us who have little to no inroads into this massive (and arguably unhealthy) cultural phenomenon. I’m not going to go so far as to say that “emo made Hannah kill herself,” (I’ll leave that to the blog pundits), but I have personally known several high-school kids (especially girls) who are into the hairstyles, music, fashion, and self-mutiliation associated with emo.

It’s gotten to the point where I really want to slap the next person who makes a joke about slitting one’s wrists.

PARENTS: Talk to your kids. Now. About lots of things. Often.

* Obviously, I’m not talking about ILLEGAL ALIENS invading. We have plenty of those. Oh look, there goes one now…

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