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Romney/Palin 2012?

Your thoughts? Seems like it would be a pretty formidable ticket. But could they unseat the incumbent messiah?

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Thank goodness THAT’S over…

Final thoughts before I go to bed and try to sleep.

1.  He may have won the election, but like his predecessor, he’ll be hard-pressed to win the hearts and minds of the other side.  It’s time for put up or shut up.

2.  Can we survive the next four years, fellow conservatives?  Only if we take this opportunity to REALLY root out the stinking causes of the farce that our side has become.  The Republican party has all too often over the last couple of decades morphed into the worst embodiment of political stereotypes.  This isn’t Ronald Reagan’s party… and the idiots who have hijacked his ideals, only to crash them into tall, Washington buildings MUST be evicted.  The GOP needs an enema, and hopefully this election (and the coming… OBAMA administration… gee, THAT hurts to type,) will be the last bitter pill that conservative America has to swallow before we finally DO something DIFFERENT.

Can we do it?  Can we survive, in the face of what we’re being told about the “coming Democrat tsunami?”  I believe so.  And the sooner we stop despairing and start cleaning our OWN house, the better.

We have the opportunity to thrive.  YES WE CAN.


Dave Ramsey: “YOU are going to fix the economy”

Noted financial counselor Dave Ramsey had this to say regarding the upcoming presidential election:

“I’m here to remind you that you’re going to fix the economy because your personal economy is up to you. It’s not Washington’s job to fix what’s going on with you.” . . .

“I’m not here to tell you who to vote for. But I am here to tell you that the government doesn’t have the capacity to fix your problems.” . . .

“This may be the beginning of the biggest level of prosperity this nation has ever known if we don’t look to a candidate to fix our lives. How about we say, ‘I’m going to vote for the candidate who’s going to fix the nation. I’m going to fix my life, so leave me alone and let me do my own thing.'” . . .

“Don’t look to Washington to fix your problems. Why would you do that? At what point did Bill Clinton fix any of your problems? At what point did he cause you to prosper? At what point did George Bush end your career or cause you to prosper? When did Ronald Reagan fix your problems? Guess what? I liked Reagan the most, and while he was in office, I hit rock bottom and filed bankruptcy—but it wasn’t Reagan’s fault. It was mine.”

Dave admonishes us to “[not] get caught up in following a political party or candidate without knowing the issues they support.”

Folks, the power of the people in this nation doesn’t begin or end with a vote.  November 4th isn’t an endpoint for anything besides a ridiculously long election season.  And it shouldn’t be a beginning for the things that really matter, and can really affect change.

The full text of Dave’s article on the election can be found HERE.


Trust Fall

I have decided that life is entirely too short to waste any more of it worrying about who might win the presidential election, or what the economy is going to do.

Simply put, God is my financial advisor, my employer, and the guy in charge of my country, world, and universe.  He’s never failed to take care of me or my family.  He got me into the job where he wants me to be, and has (more than once) prevented me from getting a job which I would have likely ended up resenting.  He founded and has used this country to spread his compassion, justice, and freedom, and has stuck with it through much tougher economic times, and much stupider presidents and candidates.

And frankly, the worst case scenario is that I lose my job, my house, my rights, and my life.  Big whoop compared to eternity, and the rewards that wait for me there.

The biggest potential enemy to my peace of mind is ME.  So screw that.  I will NOT drive myself crazy worrying about things I can’t change.

God will still be God.  Money or no money.  Gas or no gas.  McCain or Obama.  USA or no USA.

I don’t know how athiests cope, to be honest with you.


Drink up, Shriner…

Well, Hale is (un)officially a wet county now. There goes the neighborhood.

Election Results –

For those people who didn’t want the resolution to pass, yet didn’t get out to vote, you have only yourselves to blame. The bill only passed by 64 votes.

For those who bought into the “vote for progress” hype and voted yes, congratulations. I hope you can live with yourselves after you see what that “progress” will bring with it. Thanks for auctioning off our kids for a little more “revenue.”

And those of you who outwardly said “I’m against it,” yet hid behind the secrecy of a ballot… shame on you. I’d rather have a straight-shooting alcohol supporter around than a hypocrite like you. This weighs more heavily on your head than ANYONE else’s.

For everybody else… keep your #$%#! beer cans off my lawn, and keep your sorry drunk self away from my kids.

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