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Stick a fork in me…

… I think this blog is done.  Johnseeking, signing off.


Highly Recommended

A conversation with my wife led to a headsmack/”yeah, huh?” moment this morning.

We have a friend who needed me to write a letter of recommendation as part of her application to a math and science teacher training program. I love it when people ask me to do things like this, because I get a big kick out of pointing out things I see in people that maybe they don’t see in themselves.

For an antisocial sort, I’m actually pretty fond of people. On a personal level. (It’s just the GROUPS I don’t particularly care for, I guess. But anyway.)

I wrote the letter yesterday, and emailed a copy to my friend, who seemed quite happy at what I had written about her. And it makes me feel GOOD to make people feel GOOD about themselves. And that’s what I told my wife.

In a moment of sheer, clouds-parting clarity, she looks sidelong at me (in the mirror… still working out the geometry of that one) and says, “You know… you don’t have to wait for someone to ask for a letter like that, or for someone to be applying for something. You could just write one, if you like doing it so much.”

My first instinct was, “Why would I do that? Who would read it?”

Oh yeah… I could write it and give it to them.

So I think I’ll make it my goal to write one “letter of recommendation” a week. And see what happens.

I like blessing people. I like writing. ZOUNDS! I can do BOTH AT ONCE?!?!?


Pilot light going out on your water heater? Try this…

About a week and a half ago, our two-year old Reliance 606 gas water heater started… well… NOT heating water.  Turns out that the pilot light (the small jet of gas that keeps burning so it can light the main burner to heat the water) kept going out.

A quick troll of several appliance message boards (read: gripefests) revealed that this was a common problem.  I emailed someone at the water heater company, and got this from them:

Thank you for contacting, it sounds as if the flame arrestor on the water heater is restricted not allowing air to flow through the burner chamber. I am sending you a link to a video which will show you the correct way to clean your water heater’s screen and flame arrestor. Simply click on the following link to view the short video (you will have to push the play button “>” for the video to start).

If you are unable to play the video, there is also a PDF you could print out or view on your computer. The PDF contains an illustrated step by step instructions guide for cleaning your water heater’s filter and flame arrestor.

Thank you, Technical Support Department

If I can figure out how to embed the video here, I’ll do it later.  But click the link above and watch it.  It seems to have worked.


It was probably a neo-conservative bagel, too…


“Muscle March” — What… the… h..?

I don’t care who I kill to get there… I MUST play this game.

Weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.  I love you, Japan.


Livio Internet Radio, featuring Pandora = WANT


More info HERE (click).

Gosh, if 100 people who love me would send me two bucks, this could be MINE.

Why don’t YOU be the first? Seriously??


Abomination?! (The Star Wars Holiday Special)

I’ve heard of this, but never before had the (mis)fortune to actually run across it.

I’ve seen a little less than 10 minutes.  I’m not a drinking man, but I may have to start before I watch any more.

And yes… that IS Bea Arthur.  Why, God??  Why, George Lucas?!?

Watch it below, or CLICK HERE to see it at Google Video.  Where you COULD, I suppose, watch it in full-screen… if you hate yourself that much.

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