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Romney/Palin 2012?

Your thoughts? Seems like it would be a pretty formidable ticket. But could they unseat the incumbent messiah?

CLICK HERE for Boston Herald coverage.


It was probably a neo-conservative bagel, too…


URGENT!! Crayon Physics Deluxe “Pay-What-You-Want” SALE!!


Teachers! I’m talking to YOU TOO.

It’s only good until the 15th of January, so HURRY!!!!


Platinum nanoclusters + photosynthetic bacteria = crapload of hydrogen


Okay, I don’t care if you’re NOT a geek… read this. Because it’s just cool. (click-y read-y)

Can you imagine the implications if a good chunk of the acreage being given over to low-yield ethanol production was replaced with this (theoretically) 79-fold-improvement? WHAT energy problem??


Paid for the Internet Channel? Time to collect a free NES game…

If you were like me, and didn’t get in on the Wii phenomenon early enough to get the Opera-based Internet Channel download for free, Nintendo would like to make it up to you.

Starting now, and running until the end of the year, you can visit the Wii Shop Channel, download a quick update, and click to download any one 500 point NES Virtual Console game.

The Internet Channel is a free download again (and was recently updated with slightly better Flash support… sorta) so download or update that if you haven’t already done so since September 1st of this year.

(PS:  I downloaded StarTropics for free last night.  Never played it all the way through when I was a kid, although my sort-of-brother Chris and I logged several hours on his copy.)


8 years

This morning wasn’t terribly unlike most other school days.  Since it was a Friday, the walls (and faculty) of Borger High School were draped in red (and denim, in the case of the teachers.)  The kids were rowdy, excited for the coming football game and weekend.  An announcement came after first bell, as usual.  But instead of launching into the pledges and a moment of “silence,” we were told that that would happen at 8:46… in memory of September 11.

I looked around at those kids.  I did the math.  They were all 7 or 8 years old when it happened.

I remember every detail of that day with crystal clarity.  It was my third year teaching.  It was 2nd period, and I was mixing up some stock solutions for a lab for Chem I.  Then Sammy Silva told me that “somebody accidentally crashed a plane into the World Trade Center” in New York.

I hurriedly turned on my rabbit-ears equipped classroom TV, just in time to see the second plane hit the second tower.

The rest of the day passed in numb silence.  I remember that I got a new student, Pamela, that day.  I remember that we didn’t get much classwork done that afternoon.  Classes changed, and one group of kids wandered out as the next wandered in.  The TV stayed on.

That night, Rebekah and I watched Fox News coverage (broadcast over the UPN, which was the only station we could pick up at home) and, though I don’t remember doing so, eventually tore ourselves away from the screen and tried to go to sleep.

Eight years later.  Certainly there has been time enought to mourn, right?  Time to move forward and put this behind us.  Right??

3rd period today — my conference time.  I made a run to the bank to deposit a check (another one of those things I’ve never been able to do before during a school day.)  I was pulling back in to the teacher parking lot, when I caught the opening monologue of The Rush Limbaugh Show.  Rush read the Gettysburg Address.  Then he told the story of Todd Beamer.

Todd was 32 in 2001.  He had a wife, two sons, and another child on the way.

In the face of evil, this man rallied with his fellow passengers and stood up to the hijackers of Flight 93.  And saved who knows how many lives.

As I listened, I started crying uncontrollably in my car.  I’m 32.  I have two sons (plus a daughter) at home, and another on the way.

If it had been me, would I have been able to selflessly give all I am and have to do the same?

So few of us are ever called upon to be heroes.  While many hope for the chance, I shudder at the thought that I might be tried in the fires of momentary, life-or-death crisis… and be found lacking.  That history might forget me as just another coward-on-the-scene who didn’t stand up and DO something when I had the chance.

I thank God that there ARE heroes in this world.  I am eternally grateful for those who have stood and fought evil wherever they have found it, or where it has found them.  Without them, I would have no country… no life… no hope of eternal salvation.  No freedom.

And I pray that if I am ever called upon to stand in the gap and give my life for my fellow man, that I too will be filled with the resolve to stand firm, clench my knuckles, set my jaw, look my enemy in the eye, and sincerely say “let’s roll.”


Did she REALLY just say that??

Holy freaking crap. Check out what Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had to say about Roe v. Wade.

Her comments will appear in a forthcoming edition of The New York Times.

“… populations that we don’t want to have too many of…”

Absolutely chilling…

Click here for the story.

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