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Abomination?! (The Star Wars Holiday Special)

I’ve heard of this, but never before had the (mis)fortune to actually run across it.

I’ve seen a little less than 10 minutes.  I’m not a drinking man, but I may have to start before I watch any more.

And yes… that IS Bea Arthur.  Why, God??  Why, George Lucas?!?

Watch it below, or CLICK HERE to see it at Google Video.  Where you COULD, I suppose, watch it in full-screen… if you hate yourself that much.


Attention: potheads who DON’T want testicular cancer…

… Sucks to be YOU right now.  CLICK HERE to read why.

(Image from REEFER MADNESS… a most excellent propaganda film.  CLICK HERE to watch it.)


“Gattaca” (1997) — Watch it on Hulu (UPDATE: NOT ANY MORE!!)

Easily my favorite movie of all time.  Gattaca is a disquieting peek at the world around the corner, a touching underdog story, a taut mystery thriller, and just a beautiful film to experience.

The cinematography, the score, the understated sets and costumes, the (mostly) well-crafted characters… I never fail to be amazed and moved when I watch this — even though I see it at least three times a year with my biology students.

And now you can experience it (or RE-experience it) for free at  Here’s the link. Click and watch now.  Feel free to thank me later.

(EDIT:  They took it down.  Hulu giveth, Hulu taketh away…)

(See how many “science fiction” bits from this film are now “science fact.”  Scary.)


Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed — Watch on Netflix!

It has amazed and intrigued me at how much bile the mainstream media, science bloggers, and well-known critics have unleashed at the Ben Stein documentery Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

Whenever something makes this many of these kinds of people mad, I’m drawn like a fly to poopie to see what all the… stink… is about.  Sadly, like many other theatrical releases, this one went unseen by my wife and myself when it came out.  (Four reasons for this:  One, the nearest theater that was showing it was about an hour’s drive away.  Two, three, and four are the fruit of my loins.)

I added the film to our Netflix queue, and waited eagerly for its release, which came earlier this month.

Three days ago, I noticed that magic little “PLAY” button next to it, which meant that we could watch it online.  And we did.

I’d highly recommend the film on several levels.  First, it’s just a darn entertaining picture.  The editing makes use of some shocking/hilarious stock footage, and Ben Stein’s deadpan delivery simultaneously enthralls and tickles the viewer.  Second, it gives voice to a group of scientists which, though their ideas may or may not be worth exploring, are rarely given the chance to make their case.  They face demonization at every step of the way.

So if you have Netflix, it won’t cost you anything to watch it online, save a couple of hours.  I think you’ll find them to be well-invested.

Here’s a link to the Netflix page. (click)

And here’s about a 7 minute trailer to whet your appetite:

This is a film about freedom.  I think we can all agree on how important that is.


Is nothing sacred? (Dancing With the Star…Wars?)

Just watch.  The power of the Dark DORK Side compels you…

I lawled.  Then I cried.  Then I blacked out.


Turkish Star Wars = Why I LOVE the Internet?

Haven’t had a chance to watch this in all its 91 minute, subtitled glory… but I WILL.  The power of the dark crappy side compels me…

Description from Google Video:

Turkish-made film commonly known as Turkish Star Wars because of its notorious bootlegging of Star Wars film clips worked into the film. Released in 1982, Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam was created in Turkey caught in the midst of massive political upheaval. As a result, American-made films were not easily acquired and were often remade with a Turkish cast and setting. The musical soundtrack is entirely lifted from Western film hits of the time, primarily using Raiders of the Lost Ark. There are also scenes incorporating the music of Moonraker, Flash Gordon, Battlestar Galactica, Planet of the Apes and Disney’s The Black Hole. Films considered the worst ever…


“Bella” (2006)

Wow.  Just… wow.

If you haven’t seen this movie, I suggest you immediately run out and buy/rent a copy.

If you have Netflix (and a broadband internet connection) you can watch it online, as part of your subscription.

(Click HERE to go to the Netflix page for “Bella.”)

Absolutely beautiful movie, with a strong (but somehow not preachy) pro-life message.

Have a box of Kleenex ready.  You may need them.

Special thanks to The Fair Theater, Compassionate Care Pregnancy Center, and Michael Cox of Stonebridge Fellowship for making tonight’s public screening of the film possible.

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