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Platinum nanoclusters + photosynthetic bacteria = crapload of hydrogen


Okay, I don’t care if you’re NOT a geek… read this. Because it’s just cool. (click-y read-y)

Can you imagine the implications if a good chunk of the acreage being given over to low-yield ethanol production was replaced with this (theoretically) 79-fold-improvement? WHAT energy problem??


Plainview, Texas – “You’ll go NUTS over us!”

Why is it that when I find myself (almost) the subject of notoriety, it’s always something that’s cast in such a rotten light?

First it was the Lockney ISD mandatory student drug testing thing.  The resulting lawsuit and media hoopla (we even merited a PBS documentary — no foolin’) overshadowed an otherwise pleasant first year of teaching, waaaaaay back in 1999-2000.

Last month, said school burned down, the alleged results of alleged arsonists with alleged teen angst that allegedly got WAY out of hand.   (For the record, I love both of the alleged girls dearly… and I wish I could express to both of them how much I and others are hurting for them.  I hope I allegedly get to do so in the alleged future.)

And now our local peanut plant has put my town in the national spotlight, because YES it’s owned by the same idiots who own the Blakeley, Georgia plant that has been at the root of (so far) over 600 salmonella poisonings and 8 deaths, and YES it hasn’t been inspected by health inspectors since it opened about 5 years ago, and YES an independent test confirmed the presence of the bacterium here too…

But come ON, folks… let’s not drown in all this negative press.  I think the hometown of Jimmy Dean and Jim Clark deserves a better legacy than THIS one.  Let’s pull out the big guns.  Let’s ignite the passions and imaginations of Hometown America and the entire free world.

I’m all for an aggressive bumper sticker campaign.

Maybe it could say something like, “PLAINVIEW:  It Could Be WORSE — You COULD Be Living In Blakeley, Georgia”

I’m open to more bumper sticker suggestions in the comment section.  Go nuts.


Back in business…

Me in the choir room biology/chemistry lab at First Baptist Church LHS – Downtown Campus.

Things are going surprisingly well.  Cozy.  Very cozy.


Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed — Watch on Netflix!

It has amazed and intrigued me at how much bile the mainstream media, science bloggers, and well-known critics have unleashed at the Ben Stein documentery Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

Whenever something makes this many of these kinds of people mad, I’m drawn like a fly to poopie to see what all the… stink… is about.  Sadly, like many other theatrical releases, this one went unseen by my wife and myself when it came out.  (Four reasons for this:  One, the nearest theater that was showing it was about an hour’s drive away.  Two, three, and four are the fruit of my loins.)

I added the film to our Netflix queue, and waited eagerly for its release, which came earlier this month.

Three days ago, I noticed that magic little “PLAY” button next to it, which meant that we could watch it online.  And we did.

I’d highly recommend the film on several levels.  First, it’s just a darn entertaining picture.  The editing makes use of some shocking/hilarious stock footage, and Ben Stein’s deadpan delivery simultaneously enthralls and tickles the viewer.  Second, it gives voice to a group of scientists which, though their ideas may or may not be worth exploring, are rarely given the chance to make their case.  They face demonization at every step of the way.

So if you have Netflix, it won’t cost you anything to watch it online, save a couple of hours.  I think you’ll find them to be well-invested.

Here’s a link to the Netflix page. (click)

And here’s about a 7 minute trailer to whet your appetite:

This is a film about freedom.  I think we can all agree on how important that is.


Large Hadron Collider Update: (We’re in good hands)

Whew.  :mrgreen:


Texas residents: Got Radon? Want to find out for FREE?

Thanks to fellow ASSIST-er Staci Hutto for the heads-up on this.  (I owe you a Coke.)

A company in Carrollton, Texas is offering a FREE radon test kit (one per household) to Texas residents.  It’s a little unclear who’s paying for all this, but I believe it’s partially funded by an EPA grant.

Click HERE to order your free radon test kit.


My ASSIST Presentations

Here they are.

Mad Cow Disease (PowerPoint 2007)

Asbestosis (PowerPoint 2007)

Two more days to go folks…

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