Mr. Spock had the right idea…

Emotions.  Puh-tooie…

Here I am on the eve (give or take a few days) of the birth of my 4th child.  I should be ecstatic to meet him.

God has brought us through so much in this last year.  He’s opened doors, moved mountains, and continued to prove his love and provision for us.  I should be overwhelmed with gratitude.

My school and its administration and faculty are professionals in the best sense of the word.  My students, while counting the odd duck (or 12) among their number, are enthusiastic, open-minded, and hard-working.  I should feel privileged to teach where I do.

I’ve been eating better, getting (marginally) more exercise than usual, losing weight and inches off my waistline.  I should feel all healthy-buff.

So why do I feel poopy?  From what seeds sprout this discontent?  Why, in the midst of my beloved family, friends, and God do I feel so utterly alone this night?

I’m usually all about the silver lining.  Why can’t I make myself see anything but raincloud right now?


1 Response to “Mr. Spock had the right idea…”

  1. 1 Bryan
    October 11, 2009 at 9:59 pm

    As someone who has lived the greater part of my life with the fact that I will be depressed for no good reason, I understand how you feel. Sometimes no matter how great thing are in my life, I get the same feeling you describe. The fact is life is a long, mostly difficult process. And much like a marathon, it wears you down until you eventually find a second wind.

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