WHY did God make mankind? Some thoughts…

The following is resposted from a post I made to an ongoing discussion on the existence (or nonexistence) of a “higher power.”  On a video games forum, no less.

nosebleed wrote:
Why be a creator and not make your presence known other than through questionable material? Why this ultimate mystery about your existence? It all sounds like a sick mind game really, either follow blindly or suffer the consequences, which you can’t logically believe might exist.

Consider this, then I’ll stop dragging stuff off-topic. I promise.

IF there is a “creator” of life, the universe, and everything… WHY do it? What would be your motive in creating a sentient race of beings? And then what would be the point of giving them free will? Let’s consider some possibilities:

1. You require their belief in order to exist or to maintain your existence.
2. You’re a cruel [individual] who gets amused by burning the ants in your ant farm with a magnifying glass.
3. You desire companionship, like a pet doggie.
4. You desire companionship, like a friend.

Let’s tackle number 2 first. If it’s true, than we’re all [hopelessly in trouble], and any conjecture on the subject is null and void. However, just in case it’s NOT true, let’s continue. (Anyway, I doubt that it’s true… even a bully gets bored. And really, what’s the logic behind cruelty for cruelty’s sake?)

If the answer is 1 or 3, simply creating them would do the trick, but giving them free will would be redundant, or even antithetical to your goals. If they can choose NOT to believe in and worship you, you run the risk of having a “bad doggie,” or ceasing to exist if the populace chooses to NOT sustain you with their belief.

So of the four, only number 4 makes some kind of sense. Stay with me here.

In order to have a relationship on the level of true friendship / companionship, you need someone who is equal with you in some respect. A boss-employee relationship doesn’t work, because the underling has a motive of self-preservation – keep the boss happy, or I get fired. A man and dog thing doesn’t work, because the dog is obviously NOT the mental or emotional equivalent to man, and likely wouldn’t be IN the relationship if there weren’t material rewards attached – food and living space, for instance.

“But HOW can I create a companion that is truly my equal, and is a willing partner, unmotivated by fear or material needs?” says God. Answer: I give them my “image” – the ability to dream, create, reason, love, and CHOOSE their own path. That way, if they DO desire a relationship with me, I KNOW it’s for genuine reasons – the same ones I have.

Here’s the problem: if I make unbelief in myself impossible (by floating around on a cloud where everyone can see me, for example,) then I remove free will from the equation. I lose the possibility of having “companionship,” and am left with just another form of automatons, worshiping me with no reason to do so other than the fact that they can’t choose to NOT believe in me.

Here’s the rub: people who believe in God and subscribe to a religion just to get a “get out of hell free card” miss the point entirely. “Hell” in Christian theology isn’t some cave full of burning lakes and some dude in red jammies with horns and a pitchfork cackling and poking you with it. (You can thank Dante, Goethe, and Milton for those particular images.) “Hell” is simply an eternity outside the presence of God. The only way to get there is to CHOOSE to get there – NOT by breaking a list of rules, etc., but by choosing to NOT be in that friendship when it is offered to you. And then the consequence is a natural one – I choose to NOT be with God, and as a result I’m not with God.


2 Responses to “WHY did God make mankind? Some thoughts…”

  1. March 5, 2009 at 4:11 pm

    That is a pretty deep set of thought for a video game forum…but very nicely stated.

  2. 2 Thomas
    April 6, 2009 at 9:56 pm

    Ya know, I’ve been pondering this question for some years now (I’m 62). I’m trying to poke holes in your logic, but to date cannot. I do not believe that the ability to reason “evolved” but that a being not from earth in some way gave it to homo sapiens(sp?), i.e.”God” or whatever respectful name by which he or she or it my be identified. This postulation comforts my reconciliation with all of the religious doctrine (in my case German Baptist) which has been foisted upon me with good intentions by my ancestors and helps me understand the basis of their innocent beliefs.

    The more I ponder these things, the more at peace in this life I become.


    Many thanks for sharing your thoughts, Thomas. Feel free to do so again some time.

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