Hey, kids! It’s science project time!! [/tomservo]

The following are activities which caught my eye during my lengthy 10-minute probe into the seedy underbelly of scilinks.org. Beware, gentle viewers… what you are about to read may shock you.

This activity seems to be a nice way to introduce basic calorimetry (is that a word?), as well as a nice grounding activity for the concept of energy transformations. Sadly, many peanuts will have to die a fiery death…

Nice and open-ended, which fits in well with the type of collaborative, “big muscles”/Japanese-style stuff I’ve been doing a lot of lately. Downside: you need the DVD… but I think a little time spent over at Google Video might yield footage of skiers, etc..

I have a feeling that this may come in handy for discussions concerning man’s effect on global climate, etc.. (WHICH, I might add, is a VERY confused/confusing subject which has become WAY over-politicized. Read State of Fear by Michael Crichton for some amazing insight into the subject… as well as a hella’ good story. Oh, it looks like Unger Library in Plainview has multiple copies. Save a buck.)

Oh, this is just too geeky and fun. Includes all sorts of information, activities, film clips, games, etc. for the purpose of promoting energy awareness. It looks like it’s been around for a while too, so older computers should be able to use it, no problem.*

So to recap: Peanut death, sports, Al Gore, AND encyclopedic knowledge of all things energy. My work here is done…

*And somewhere an IT guy laughs out loud (lawlz)… and dies.


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